Veterinary services for dogs and cats.

We cover nose to tail for your furry friend.

Veterinary services offered at our Indianapolis clinic.

Oaklandon Family Vet is a full-service animal hospital offering comprehensive veterinary care services.

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Pet Extractions & Oral Surgery

Oaklandon Family Vet is a family-run veterinary clinic that provides friendly and knowledgeable care for your beloved pets. Our experienced team of experts specializes in Pet Extractions & Oral Surgery, as well as diagnostics and treatments for all other pet health needs.

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Pet Allergy & Dermatology

One of the most common skin issues cats and dogs can face is allergies. Pets have allergies, just like people, and their environment can make them worse. The majority of pets, unlike people, do not experience respiratory issues when their allergies are acting up. They develop rashes and inflamed skin instead, which can result in severe itching.

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Cat-Friendly Handling

Our team practices cat-friendly handling techniques to ensure that your car is comfortable during their visit. These techniques include seeing cats in dedicated “cat” rooms and using equipment for cats that have not been used on dogs. We also incorporate fear free handling techniques for cats including wrapping them in towels and blankets and using cat pheromones to promote calming. We even offer treats to cats- mini marshmallows are a big hit!

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Pet Dentistry

Prophylactic dental cleanings are recommended annually for most pets. By three years of age, most dogs and cats have a significant level of periodontal disease. Your veterinarian will recommend dental cleanings based on what is most appropriate for your pet’s life stage and lifestyle.

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Pet Nutrition Consultations

Our team is skilled and trained in determining the particular nutritional requirements of each patient. We are able to evaluate your pet and select the best meal for them. We’ll even give you recommendations on how often and how much to feed your pet to achieve the best outcomes.

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Pet Dental Radiography

Full-mouth dental radiographs are recommended with every dental procedure. These images allow us to visualize disease below the gum line, and often identify painful abscesses and periodontal disease requiring treatment that otherwise may have been missed.

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Pet Routine Bloodwork

Routine bloodwork is critical to identifying early changes in your pet’s health. 1 in 7 young adult dogs and cats, 1 in 5 seniors, and 2 in 5 geriatrics have significant findings on routine blood screenings that require follow-up and/or treatment.

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Pet Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering your pets at the appropriate life stage is extremely important for population control, prevention of undesirable behavior issues, and prevention of several conditions including cancer.

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Pet Surgery

Your pet’s safety during surgical procedures is our top priority, our highly skilled veterinarians have years of experience caring for pets, and they will work hard to ensure that your pet receives the best possible care.

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Pet Wellness Care

Pet wellness care is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. At Oaklandon Family Vet, we offer comprehensive pet wellness care services to keep your pet on the path to good health. We believe that prevention is the best medicine, so our pet wellness care services are designed to identify problems early and provide the necessary care to keep your pet healthy.

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Pet Digital Radiography

We offer state-of-the-art ultrasound services for our patients. Ultrasound is a type of imaging that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. It is safe, painless, and non-invasive. Our team is highly trained and experienced in performing ultrasound examinations on dogs, cats, and pocket pets, and we are committed to providing the best possible care.

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Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations are recommended for several preventable and communicable diseases, some of which can be transmitted to people. Our veterinarians will recommend the appropriate vaccinations for your pet’s life stage and lifestyle.

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Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Pet cold laser therapy provides effective relief from a variety of issues, including chronic pain, allergies, infection, and arthritis. Pet cold laser therapy has been described as an essential breakthrough treatment with minimal to no side effects – helping improve the quality of life for many furry family members. Oaklandon Family Vet is proud to be able to offer this valuable service to their customers, to receive the love and care they deserve.

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Pet Physical Examinations

Oaklandon Family Vet is the perfect place to ensure your pet’s well-being. With an upbeat and friendly atmosphere, our team of professionals is fully dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary care for all creatures, from cats and dogs to small animals. Pet physical examinations are part of our comprehensive suite of services, designed to keep your animal healthy and alert to any medical concerns that may arise.

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No more side eye from Fido.

We know no one likes going to the doctor, so we strive to make our clinic feel like your home away from home. Our experienced animal care staff handle patients gently and work hard to create an environment free of fear and anxiety. We want your pet to relax during their visit — so you can too. Our staff is trained to make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe.

“You are all so kind and respectful to our pets and to us! You are knowledgeable and help to give us peace of mind.”

—Christy B.